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Stencil Forest: Music

Five by Five

(Stencil Forest)
Words & Music by Frank Cassella

The message that I thought I'd never hear
Is coming through the wire crystal clear
Alone and in the sky at thirty thousand feet
What took so long for you to get your message through and I'm reading

Five by five Control I'm reading you
Five by five And I want to believe in you
Five by five Repeat the transmission
One more time

The night sky is a lonely place to be
But it's become a second home for me
Navigating in a sea of stars
But I'd give it all up for you If what you say is true and I'm reading

Five by five . . .(repeat chorus)

I need to get my feet on solid ground
I need to have someone to hold me down
Hiding in the shadows of the night
You hail my frequency, You're calling out to me and I'm reading

Five by five (repeat Chorus)