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Stencil Forest: Music

Five Studded Poker Player

(Stencil Forest)
Music by Frank Cassella
Lyrics by Stan Swaim

There’s a man in my neighborhood
Got more luck than a neighbor should
I find that every time I leave
There’s more than ladies up his sleeves
People tell me he’s no good
He’d steal his wife if he could

Playing poker late at night
Bet a buck he won’t play you right
Heart of stone and a mind of steel
He’ll slip an ace on his next deal
Watch his face, watch his hands
Next thing you know he’s got your land

Five studded poker player
Trip to the undertaker
Laid on his greenback paper
Five studded poker player

Dealing blackjack all around
One card up and one card down
Bet a grand and he’ll raise you five
Just feel lucky you’re still alive
Take a chance you’re sure to win
Sorry buddy you lose again

Five studded poker player…….

Shootin’ stud with just one hand
Five cards each is his favorite brand
Lady luck is his smilin’ thing
He wears her body on his ring
He’ll match your hard earned dollar bills
With British pounds and London thrills

Five studded poker player…….