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Stencil Forest: Music

Is Love Enough to Save You

(Stencil Forest)
March 3, 2006
Frank Cassella

Close your eyes and make believe you’re in an eastern dream
Where warriors have fought with honor hardly ever seen
See a world that’s growing larger with each passing hour
As you awake in wonderment you smell the lotus flower

You build a temple out of glass and worship there alone
You lock the door and put a box around your heart of stone
you wander further every day from my familiar shore
Until one day the rushing waters take you from my door

Is love enough to save you if you lose sight of that shore
Will the wind connect you to the place you walked before
Is every voice you listen to compassionate and true
Is there room for me to still remain a part of you

Oh who can sense the wind of change as it quickly brushes by
And who could know the water’s flow the ever changing tide
We stand upon the precipice you be the first to fly
And soar the restless wind’s embrace never asking why

Is love enough to save you . . .

© 2005 by Frank Cassella