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Stencil Forest: Music

Room With a View

(Stencil Forest)
March 3, 2006
Frank Cassella
ROOM WITH A VIEW The sky is clearing now I can see the sun through my tiny window I stand alone as always feeling naked in a world I no longer know I haven’t been myself lately can’t remember who or what it was I used to be I am a chameleon always changing colors but you’ll never see the real me Outside my window counting all the many colors I can’t even name There in the garden the foliage and the painted rocks dare never change I see them out there every day and I wonder if they’re thinking of me I am just a prisoner held against my will tight under lock and key Trapped in a room with a view (I’m feeling like a prisoner here) Trapped in a room with a view (I’m hoping that the bars disappear) Trapped in a room with a view I lay down my head at night and see images dancing in my wildest dreams Reaching out to take a stab in the dark in the breeding ground of silent screams Will tomorrow be the same in the courtyard I can watch the game Brave and lonely are the hunters as they mount their steeds and chase the fox away Familiar faces playing games of tug of war with my emotions Gone without traces Leaving only fractured memories as a quotient Is there someone left alive who can tell me what lies beyond the gate for I am just a prisoner and my dreams will always have to wait Trapped in a room . . .

© 2005 by Frank Cassella