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Stencil Forest: Music

Here Today

(Stencil Forest)
March 3, 2006
Frank Cassella
HERE TODAY I see a smile on your face again And it only makes me wonder Where were you when I needed you and how long till the time you pull me under You are here today the lonely yesterdays are fading In the hopes that you will stay I’m carrying no cross I’m only counting the cost And I know I’ll be the loser in the end And it really doesn’t matter at all That you got me climbing the wall And I don’t care how hard I fall It doesn’t matter at all You’re running back to me with your arms a mile wide And I am waiting Just to feel your warm embrace Is worth the lonely nights anticipating You are here today . . . In the middle of a cold, dark night When I’m needing just to hold you tight And all I have is a broken promise All alone with my pain and my sorrow Here today and you’re gone tomorrow When will I ever learn I see a smile on your face again . . .

© 2005 by Frank Cassella