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Stencil Forest: Music

Morning Glory

(Stencil Forest)
March 3, 2006
Frank Cassella
MORNING GLORY He saw her standing in the afternoon rain And offered her a little shelter She flashed a smile and he returned her the same He thought his savoir faire would melt her She sang the sweetest song that he ever heard She tossed her hair behind her shoulder He hung around and hung on her every word He knew he wanted just to hold her And the very next day he had the world upon a string And in every way of his own domain he was the king She cast her spell and he was hopelessly bound He wasn’t sure he needed saving His heart was pounding but he uttered no sound As he gave in to all his cravings She took his hand and to her garden they strolled He thought his fortitude would topple He plucked a piece of fruit from off of the tree And took a big bite of the apple And the very next day

© 2005 by Frank Cassella