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Stencil Forest: Music

Lifeline Suite

(Stencil Forest)
March 3, 2006
Frank Cassella

How can you know were the time seemed to go
When the face in the mirror looks back
Covered with lines from the years and filled with regret

And where do you turn when you finally learn
That a heart that has hardened inside
Doesn’t heal the wounds it creates, just casts them aside

And now there’s no reason or rhyme
Can buy back enough precious time
To make up for all of the years that you traveled alone
I wish you could know


I missed you on Sunday
The world took its turn at standing still
And time did a slow dance I managed to swallow the bitter pill
I missed you on Sunday . . .

i missed you on Sunday
wasted the day in a waking dream
Longing to touch you and wonder what might have been

The future is hopeful the future is fear
The path set before us is not always clear
The wondering moment the wandering thought
Let us be thankful for what we have got

CHORUS: OH Life is a bitter pill, breathe in breathe out be still
Oh, I’m crawling up over the hill Ill keep on climbing until
Sunday goes away

I saw you on Tuesday
rekindled the fire in my soul
And just for one moment the chaos is under complete control
I saw you on Tuesday . .

i saw you on Tuesday connected the dots and viewed the scene
Forget for the moment that we keep chasing the impossible dream
Looking forward to Friday Cross into the alternate universe
We'll build our castles on the beach and lie in the sand till the sun starts to hurt

Together at twilight . . Together at twilight we'll bask in the glow of a million stars
And to the very ends of the earth I will forever pursue your heart

© 2005 by Frank Cassella