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Stencil Forest: Music

Opening Act

(Stencil Forest)
There’s a feeling in the air tonight
We’re gonna light this stage on fire
Nobody’s ever gonna stop us now
From fulfilling our desire
We’re opening up the show
Came as far as we could go
And tonight when all the lights go down
Then everyone will know

(That we’re on our way)
Footlights are drawing me nearer
(A shot at the big time)
Got a passion for the stage
(Came a long long way)
One break and maybe next year
(Gonna make it this time)
Rock and roll’s most current rage

Did you come to hear me play my licks
And listen to my rhyme
Are you going through the motions?
Trying to pass the time
Well the hardest thing you know
Is playing to the first five rows
When a house full of paying people
Couldn’t care about my show

(And we’re on our way)…………..

There’s so much that we have to give
There’s a lot that you’ve been missing
You’ll find a world within the song
If you take the time to listen
And sometimes I feel like the loneliest man
In a world behind my time
A wandering minstrel, strumming my lute
To a tune you’ll never buy

Every night I have to work
Twice as hard as the main attraction
Trying different gimmicks
And testing their reaction
And if I make it to the top with you
Than the critics can cut me in two
The situation doesn’t change
Just the names and the dates and the tunes

(And we’re on our way)……………….