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Stencil Forest: Links

Colorado Art Rock Society
Cool local Progressive Rock Society in Denver! Ron (the bass player) is a member.
The Missing Piece
A Great Swedish Prog Site!
Sea of Tranquility
Music for the New Intellectual, as the opening page proclaims!
Compact Disc Services
Reviews & on-line store based in Scotland. A website with a brogue!
The New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Fred Trafton must live and breathe the stuff, because this site is truly encyclopedic!!
Acid Dragon
A very cool French Prog site based in Lyon. Thanks Thierry!
Dutch Progressive Rock site..

Thanks for the review Casper!

Great site from a great band!
Eric Wunrow
Eric designed "The Abyss" album cover. Eric is a gifted photographer & graphic artist. Check out his work!
The Flower Kings
Progressive rock at it's best (Ron says). THESE GUYS SMOKE!!
Progression Magazine
A very good progressive rock mag.
AOR Dreamzones
AOR Site with extensive reviews of old Vinyl (like Stencil Forest "Opening Act" LP!).
Inside Out Music
Great site for Progressive Music. This outfi has a great stable of music!
This is a very eclectic band Ron was in in Los Angeles.
Won't Anybody Listen
This is the movie that Ron's band, NC-17, filmed about the LA music scene. It shows on Sundance channel and is available on DVD at
The Vinyl Kings
Great Nashville Band! Their debut "A Little Trip" is a huge nod to The Beatles.
Mike Keneally
If you don't know about this guy, you should!
Snider Amplifiers
The best guitar amp that has ever made my hair stand on end....